Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Dreamland (day 17)

"Use a recent dream as inspiration"

Every since I was a kid I've had a recurring anxiety dream. Things have been ultra stressed at the moment, so I've dreamt this lots recently.

I dream that I go outside to feed my rabbit (I had my first rabbit I was about 8) but she's escaped. When I look around, I see there are hundreds of rabbits. I try to catch them, but as quick as I can catch them, more escape. I desperately try to find "my" rabbit, but they all look the same, so I never do. Since having Ostara I also dream about misplacing her too!

So, I embroidered tons of tiny rabbits in different colours. I left the connecting threads, to add to the mess and confusion. I love it, and might turn it into something ... like a new purse. :-)

I'm not very good with a camera, but this fuzzy photo kind makes the rabbits looks like they're moving!


  1. This is fantastic - I love it! To me they look a bit like rabbit-shaped Christmas lights! Nice embroidery.

  2. Oooh rabbit shaped fairy lights ... a dream come true I think! Thank you! My lovely embroidery machine did all the hard work.

    I just checked your rabbits out Abbi, they are super cute!

  3. This is so fun! You said you used an embroidery machine? Was it your pattern? Easy to use? I've never done machine embroidery...

  4. I've got my embroidery machine for work (I make personalised stuff www.2greenmonkeys.co.uk).

    It's really cool because as well as embroidery patterns, I can either scan in an image and turn it into stitches (which I do with kids art) or draw using the embroidery software (as I did with the rabbits) and repeat as many times as i like... saves so much time!

  5. This may be my favorite so far. I love everything about it: the colors, the composition, the individual illustrations. Please post a photo of your finished purse. I can't wait to see it!

  6. Thanks... might make a bag instead - can't decided!

    Ooh, If any of you 365 guys want any sketches turned into embroidery, just message me! :-)