Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Rabbits back soon ...

Hi all. My dad sadly died last week, so I've been unable to find the time or motivation to make daily rabbits. And I guess it's best take a break than do them half heartily.

Silly, but I kinda feel bad if I'm not thinking about rabbits everyday :-) (it's very addictive this stuff). But I won't be away long ... maybe just a week or so!


Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Adding a book to your blog

"create some instructions and share them"

Not really a rabbit, but 365 related. There was a discussion in the 365 facebook group, about how to add an Amazon link for Noah's book on your blog. So here are the instrctiuons... feel free to use!

Saturday, 5 February 2011

Stationery rabbit (day 34)

"work with wire"

I was going to use some craft wire, but couldn't find any. I did find however find a big stapler in the drawer. My first attempt was in tissue paper, thinking I could pull the paper away and just leave a staple sculpture. But the tissue paper ripped too easy and the stapler got clogged up.

I think the back side of the paper is just as interested as the top!

Thursday, 3 February 2011

Ink splats (day 33)

"Use pens as an inspiration".

I've got a new dip pen and ink that I can't work, so I thought i'd use it to flick ink on the page and see if I could form a rabbit of some sort.

Here's a collection of rabbits, splats in a mean looking rabbit head shape, and finger print heads made from the mess.


A nice pint (day 32)

"Make something ephemeral". After googling, I found it means "transitory, existing only briefly".

I watched "P.S. I love you" the other day and must of had it on the mind, as I decided to try and make a rabbit head in a pint of Guinness. I used to work in a bar and could make a great pint with a shamrock on top. But I don't think canned Guinness is quite the same, as it was very tricky to get the rabbit to stay long enough to photo. Here's my pitiful attempt...

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Dreamland (day 17)

"Use a recent dream as inspiration"

Every since I was a kid I've had a recurring anxiety dream. Things have been ultra stressed at the moment, so I've dreamt this lots recently.

I dream that I go outside to feed my rabbit (I had my first rabbit I was about 8) but she's escaped. When I look around, I see there are hundreds of rabbits. I try to catch them, but as quick as I can catch them, more escape. I desperately try to find "my" rabbit, but they all look the same, so I never do. Since having Ostara I also dream about misplacing her too!

So, I embroidered tons of tiny rabbits in different colours. I left the connecting threads, to add to the mess and confusion. I love it, and might turn it into something ... like a new purse. :-)

I'm not very good with a camera, but this fuzzy photo kind makes the rabbits looks like they're moving!