Saturday, 8 January 2011

Steamed rabbit (day 10)

"Use water as your medium"

I thought long and hard about this one. The easiest idea would be to freeze it, but then I wanted to experiment more.

I thought about trying to get bubbles to form in a rabbit shape on the inside of a glass, but realised I wasn't scientific enough to know how to do this.

So I boiled water to form steam on my window, and drew a rabbit in the steam. I love the fact that the rabbit disappears, and reappears every time the window steams up again!


  1. I tried something similar to this on day 2, but didn't get the result I wanted. Will have to revisit it at some point.

    The disappearing and reappearing is sort of like pulling a rabbit out of a hat. Or, maybe not. Do they ever put the rabbit back in and make it disappear?

    Someone needs more coffee. :)

  2. Oooh I like that. :-) I'm sure they do put it back.

    It took me ages to get the photo. I attemped at night, but the flash kept going off and all I got was a reflection of me! Then I took it during the day, but had to change angles, so I had something dark in the background out of the window!

    I probably should of angled it a bit more to get the flash reflection as the tail!

  3. Love the flash as the tail idea.

    My attempt was in my bathroom because outside of that window is a tree. I'm hoping to do some kind of rendition of a weeping willow with the steam dripping and the tree from outside showing through, but the first attempt didn't even come close to portraying what I was envisioning. We'll see...

    Hope you enjoy your weekend.

  4. So cool. What a creative take on the directive, and it's super cute to boot!

  5. I think this is such a cute photo! And a great idea. Good luck with the bunnies and enjoy yourself with it! I don't think I have the discipline to do something 365 days, but I guess the trick is to just enjoy doing it, and keepy going even if life gets in the way! Maybe I can start late and just do 346 days (as it's the 19th Jan already!) haha :) Thanks for the inspiration anyway!