Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Bubbles (day 19)

"Create something that floats on water"

Oooh, I probably do this every time I have a bath, so thought this would be easy. However re-creating a bubble rabbit in a bowl (I didn't want the nakedness of bathing ruining the image) wasn't as easy, because he kept moving all over the place and going sloppy before I could snap him!

I hope you get the idea / faint rabbit shape! :-)


  1. Bubbly bunny goodness. Bravo, Sarah!

  2. You and I are definitely thinking along the same lines. Yesterday, I was pondering soap bubbles, too.

    My copy of Noah's book arrived today. Yay! I haven't even looked at it yet, but my ten year old son is in the room with me asking if he can get his own copy. :)

    However, he is also reading aloud to me while I am trying to compose this comment and this middle aged brain o'mine is overloading.

  3. i am so impressed that you got this photo before it collapsed. i totally see the rabbit.

  4. Very cool. I think it may be time to make a bubble mask!

  5. Such fun! Now I want to work with bubbles too!