Sunday, 30 January 2011

Green rabbit (day 24)

"work with green materials"

I took this to mean both green in colour and green as in recycled, so did both. I used green images ripped out from some old magazines, to make a rabbit with floppy ears ("as they should have" - Ostara)

Carrot car (day 26)

"Make something portable that normally isn't"

I thought I'd have a different take on a rabbit a day today. So I made a carrot portable, by giving it wheels and a making Ostara pull it round on a ribbon whilst our rabbit Nibbles chased it.
They both loved it and had minutes of fun, until Nibbles chewed through the ribbon, then captured the carrot and ate it.

Blocks (Day 30)

"Make something using toys"

Todays rabbits was made from Ostara's blocks ... a 3D one (complete with a carrot) and a flat head. It was kind of fun working with something so limiting!

Saturday, 29 January 2011

Horny rabbits (day 29)

"Try to fool someone with a disguise"

My god, this was the funniest, oddest, yukkiest day so far.

I decided to make a mask for Ostara, which turned into an odd kinda creepy thing. By the time I finished it (after about 10 fittings) she was really grumpy, and her face matched the sad rabbit face. Worse was to come ... we decided to see if she could fool Nibbles the rabbit. At first he looked scared, then he hopped off.

A few minutes later Ostara shouted "NIbbles is dancing with a beach ball" ... to which I turn around to find Nibs humping a beach ball, as it slowly rolled away from him (which apparently resembled dancing?). Eghhhhh! It's the first time he's done that since we got rid of his "friend" months ago!

So yes 356'er's, I did manage to fool a rabbit with a (apparently very attractive female) rabbit mask disguise!

Old skool bunny (day 28)

The first thing I think about school is a blackboard. Sadly they don't have them anymore, not sure if they are un PC or too messy? but they are white boards these days.

Luckily Ostara has one in her bedroom, so I borrowed it (she very quickly wipe it clean to do her own drawings) to draw loads of rabbits.

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Nature (day 25 - catching up)

"Make something using materials from nature"

As I don't have a back yard (or garden, as we call it in England), I decided to use things I could get from the beach down the road. I happened to have a massive bag full of beautiful driftwood, that I've never got around to using, so thought it would be perfect to make a rabbit with.

I've just updated this post with an image of rabbit hanging on the wall (his had a few other pieces added). But it kind of gets lost on the big wall, so I might make him some friends!

Recycled rabbit (day 23 - catching up ...)

"Make something from recycling". I don't actually have any recycling, as it all goes to Ostara's school for her to make stuff with, so (inspired from Rebecca's blog about using her stash up I thought I'd recycle some tiny pieces of fabric I maybe would of chucked away.

I used up tiny squares to make a rabbit cushion based on a Scottie dog pattern I'd previously made. I kept it under stuffed, so I could make him sick down and look a little more rabbit (less donkey) like! Ostara was not impressed, she told me it looked silly, as rabbits ears are floppy (like Nibbles) and NEVER stick up!

Rabbit a day - killed by rabbit

Just incase any of you think I've given up, this is just another temporary blip!

I can't post properly at the moment as my internet to my computer is down ... caused by my shitty little rabbit Nibbles (am so mad at him at the moment), chewing through the internet cable at the weekend. How ironic!

I should have a new cable soon, so will be able to upload my missed days!

Sarah x

Friday, 21 January 2011

Love story (day 21)

"Write (& illustrate) a 10 word love story"

This story is based on something I just watched on telly, where a little girl lost her mum (she found her half hour later). I cried (I'm an emotional reck at the moment LOL) but couldn't stand the thought of loosing my little one - even for half hour.

p.s. I really can't draw, but tried just for the 365!

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Bubbles (day 19)

"Create something that floats on water"

Oooh, I probably do this every time I have a bath, so thought this would be easy. However re-creating a bubble rabbit in a bowl (I didn't want the nakedness of bathing ruining the image) wasn't as easy, because he kept moving all over the place and going sloppy before I could snap him!

I hope you get the idea / faint rabbit shape! :-)

toy rabbit (day 18)

"Work with things you have in your car (or someone else's). Seeing as I don't have a car, I was a little stuck for this task. Then I remembered Ostara had a toy car, so went off to find out what was in there. It was being driven by a dog and a sheep... so todays rabbit is made out of Ostara's (many) toy animals. With tiny bear and rabbit (from day 14) as eyes.

Monday, 17 January 2011

run rabbit run (day 17)

I missed out yesterdays by mistake, so here it is "potato prints" (day 16 in the book!)

I played around (and made a right mess) with lots of different colours and patterns, but this is my favourite one. It's loads of rabbits running, hoping, jumping away from something ... or maybe hoping towards something ... a big field of carrots maybe?

Followed by a rabbit rainbow - just because I love colour!

Sunday, 16 January 2011

Rabbits eye view (day 16)

Today's rabbit is a creative photograph, inspired by "an eye".

I was tidying my little girls bedroom and found a cool (kaleidoscope looking glass) toy, which gives the effect of seeing as a fly does. I stuck the kaleidoscope to my camera and experimented taking photo's. In the end I settled on an image of my rabbits eye.

It made me wonder how rabbits see the world? Obviously it isn't fly like, but it was interesting to read they can see in a nearly 360 degrees, are far sighted (explains why nibbles can never see food in front of him!), have limited color vision (only seeing blue and green - not red!), and see the world in a blur!

Saturday, 15 January 2011

Photoshop (day 15)

"use a dollar bill as your inspiration"

As I'm in England and have never seen a dollar bill (and there's no way of getting hold of one) I thought I'd try to draw a rabbit using shapes on a dollar bill image I found on the net.
This is my first attempt of drawing using photoshop, so there is a lot of space for improvement!

Friday, 14 January 2011

Teddy Bear (& Rabbit) picnic (day 14)

As I'm still catching up on the missed days from being away, I thought I'd used images from something I made a few months back.

I made a tiny teddy bear's picnic, which included a bear, rabbit and mini cupcakes. The rabbit wasn't microscopic, but just over an inch sitting down is probably the smallest I could sew.

I'm back!

I had to go away suddenly for a few days, but still managed to do a few rabbit-a-day's.

To be posted as soon as I get organised again!

Saturday, 8 January 2011

Steamed rabbit (day 10)

"Use water as your medium"

I thought long and hard about this one. The easiest idea would be to freeze it, but then I wanted to experiment more.

I thought about trying to get bubbles to form in a rabbit shape on the inside of a glass, but realised I wasn't scientific enough to know how to do this.

So I boiled water to form steam on my window, and drew a rabbit in the steam. I love the fact that the rabbit disappears, and reappears every time the window steams up again!

Mmmm... (day 9)

"Make something with your breakfast"

I was going to make egg on toast, but then remembered when I was little, my mum used to cut a hole in bread and fry the egg in the middle to make fried egg bread.

So I make a fried egg bread rabbit ... not complete without tomato sauce!

Dusty old book (day 8)

"Transform an old book"

I found this old fairy tale book, that's proper old, with the smell and everything. Inspired from the old trick of cutting a secret hole into the pages (I used to do this as a kid, to hide treasure in) and this tutorial of making a book into a lampshade, I decided to fan open the pages then cut into it.

I soaked the pages first, then fanned them open and left them to dry (so they would warp and stay open) then I cut into them about an inch. The pages are lovely, they are edged with red and have that old rough feel. I cut right the rabbit down to the text, so the rabbit really stands out from the plain edges.

In hindsight, I should of cut the rabbit in the other direction, because the pages only open properly if the book is upright.

Friday, 7 January 2011

Rabbit skull (day 7)

Make something using a stencil [something used to make identical shapes]

I've decided to make a quilt block for Noah's charity quilt so used the repeating rabbits from yesterdays apple as inspiration.

I cut a plastic rabbit stencil (which is so cute I might use it for other things), then used this to cut loads of little rabbit shapes from (bondaweb-backed) fabric. I then appliqued them onto a some Alexander Henry fabric (I hope this wasn't a too obvious fabric choice?) into a skull shape.

It's now in the post off to America ... and I can't wait to see the finished quilt!

Thursday, 6 January 2011

Rabbit for lunch (day 6)

"use the first fruit you spot"

I couldn't use the first, as it was heading for Ostara's lunch box, and she would of gone mad. So after she went to school I used an apple.

I cut the rabbit outline using the core as his eye, then sliced it up ... eager to see how the core would effect his little face. In the middle his face fell apart into a bit of a seedy mess. After arranging him into silly shapes, I ate him, with a cheese sandwich.

I'm currently in a printing module of my textiles degree, and may very well use the pattern above for some prints ...

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

A sparkle in his eye (day 5)

"Make from something you collect"
I collect too many things (anything shiny, fluffly or colourful), so didn't know where to start. I ask Ostara (aged 3) what Mummy collected and she said crystals, so todays creation is a crystal rabbit... with a big amathyst heart and a herkimer diamond tail.

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Rabbits rock (day 4)

"Go for a 5 minute walk and make something from what you find"

As it was raining today and my little one didn't want to go out, I thought I'd take a virtual walk and see if I could find any rabbits. Inspired by the fact that Ilfracombe harbour looks like dragon (eating tiny boats). I thought I might be able to find a rabbit. After hours of searching (it's very addictive!) all I could find was this crazy angry little rabbit face, in South Devon.
Ilfracombe harbour

Sunday, 2 January 2011

A Paper Rabbit, by a rabbit (day 3)

"Create something using paper, without using scissors, glue or drawing."

I toyed with ripping someting from paper. But then I thought I'd let my house rabbit do the work. I ripped a rough rabbit face and left it in Nibbles cage overnight...


Wow, what a clever bunny I have! It managed to chew a bunny face into a bunny body. Ok, it was chewed into 2 pieces, but this was really how I found it in the morning! Nibbles got a big treat and a cuddle. :-)

Favourite animal (day 2)

Well, as my 365 is already about my favourite animal, I thought I'd choose my next favourite thing: food.

Mmm, and as it's breakfast time, I made a rabbit out of toast. Well butter, then watched the little thing melt into the toast... he was very tasty!

Saturday, 1 January 2011

Hidden (day 1)

I have been dying to start the make something 365 book, but because all good things start at the New Year, I had to wait until 1st January.

"Materials from your immediate environment" ... I thought long and hard, then stopped thinking, then an idea came whilst having a wee, using a toilet roll and some nail scissors!

I'd seen some amazing toilet roll art before, so this is my very basic attempt. I wish I had steadier hands and could be as delicate as these artists.